Monday, September 12, 2005

Busy Weeks

The last couple of weeks were quite busy. First I had not seen the end of my printer's problems yet. Not only the printer delivered the magazine late, but an abnormal number of copies had defects and boxes were not containing the exact amount they were suppose to according to the manifest. So I've spent an entire week-end counting each copy and separating the bad copies from to good. I've send the bad ones back to the printer to be replaced and used the good ones for the shipping and mailing.

So I've spent the following week doing the mailing and shipping, as well as updating the computer and working (already) on the next issue of the magazine. Through all that I managed to go see a few movies at the Montreal World Film Festival. The next week, despite the fact that I was really not feeling well, I continued working on the magazine (planning, writing, reviewing material, etc.), I watched a few more movies at the MWFF and installed my new VoIP phone system (I'll review that one a little later).

So much to do and so little time. I feel kind of out of breath and tired.

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