Monday, November 21, 2005

Ecological Climber Motocycle?

In an article about “The Most Amazing Inventions” published in a recent issue of Time magazine (Canadian edition, Nov. 21 2005: 34), I've seen a news bit talking about a motocycle of the future that runs on hydrogene canister. That reminded me of the Mospeada Ride Armor seen in the Genesis Climber Mospeada anime (the bike was called Cyclone in the Robotech adaptation). Both bikes slighly look similar and run on hydrogene canister (althought in Robotech, Macek changed that for Protoculture).

The 90-kgs ENV bike is made of aluminum, has a top speed of 80 km/h and can drive up to 160 km on a $4 US 140 g hydrogene canister. The fuel-cell engine is silent and clean. Too bad this bike cannot transform into a power armor!

The ENV bike was created by Intelligent Energy and should be available in 2007 for less than $10,000 US. You can find more details on its web site:

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