Thursday, May 31, 2007

Telemarketing Hell

Tired of getting harassed by telemarketers who want to sell you stuff when you are busy doing something else (like eating or sleeping)? Always wondered who the hell can call you twice a day for a week without leaving a message and your caller ID simply says “unavailable”? Are you annoyed by phone calls that, when you pick up the phone, there's nothing on the line?

I just found this great website, 800 Notes, where people can leave comments on those annoying unidentified phone numbers usually used by telemarketers. By exchanging information, you can figure out who they are and what to do to make those phone calls stop. I like it.

You can also find some information from the CRTC here.


Anonymous said...

Another good resource to check out the phone numbers of telemarketers calling you is NumberZoom

David said...

I have found a few of these sites online now. I like the fact that people with the skills to make a website are doing so for the good of the people! I found very useful.