Thursday, September 16, 2010

Revue de Presse / Press Review (2010/09/16)

Personal update: We started feeling that automn is getting close as the temperature has sharply dropped around 12'C. I've got my schedule for the new season and its nothing to get excited about: twenty hours over four days that I will complete with ponctual replacements. Unfortunately, in order to reach a thirty-five-hour week I'll have to work six days, like this week. So today is my only day off of the week. I have to cram all the house chores, as well as the blog updates, in this one day and still find time to rest and relax while reading and watching tv (my wife and I recently finished watching Upstairs, Downstairs and just started watching Shogun again)! I'll try not to work six days a week too often (if I want to stay healthy and sane). Strangely, there was lots of interesting news this week:

Anime & Manga related, Japan, Popular Culture
Apple & iPad news
Books, Digital Edition & Library
Economy, Environment & International Politics/News
Health, home & garden
Media, Culture & Society
Montreal & Local/National Politics/News
Sciences & History
Technology, Gadgets & Internet

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