Monday, July 15, 2013

Press Review (2013-07-15)

Earlier this month I really felt my age as someone gave me his place in the subway! But despite chronic back pain, tiredness and digestion problems (the stigmata of getting older, I guess), I feel pretty good. My mind seems clearer and I write a little more. However, time is really passing by more quickly. I feel I hardly have time to accomplish anything. I feel like I'm in a spaceship accelerating toward light speed. Pfsshh! A week-end of writing... Work! Work! Pfsshh! Another week-end of writing... Work! Work! Pfsshh... You get the idea...

There's still many more manga I'd like to comment about but, since the movie festivals season is arriving, I feel like watching and commenting on movies. I'll see about that...

We keep having the same weather pattern: a few days of heat wave followed by days and days of rain... It seems it's also the season of catastrophic events. Fire here, flood there (when it rains, it pours as they say). Plain crash here, train crash here and there! And the poor whistleblower is still stuck in the limbo of a russian airport (lesson: never blow the whistle on your government; big brother don't like that kind of music as it makes his enemies--and even some allies--dance an outraged Flamenco). The Middle East continues its slow spontaneous combustion and Egyptians protest again as they want the pharaohs back. Florida acquit a white man for killing a black boy, but give twenty years to a black women for firing a warning shot at her abusive husband. As you see, nothing worth reporting in the news. Still, you'll find links to a few interesting news stories after the jump:

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