Sunday, October 27, 2013

The week in review (2013-10-27)

Lots happened in the last three weeks. The software for Sony QX10 camera was updated just in time for the small trip I took around Quebec City (mostly the Orleans Island and the Montmorency falls) with my family to celebrate the 60th wedding anniversary of my parents. I was able to catch up a little on my writing (commenting on a children book, the latest Amélie Nothomb and even a movie!), but, as always, not as much as I wanted. This week-end, I'll pamper the many kittens hanging out my balcony (anybody wants one?), do some yard clean-up since it's really getting colder (winter IS coming!!!), go vote by anticipation (I love anticipation) for the municipal elections (but for who?! I'm really not sure) and (hopefully) write some more.

In the news, Apple announced new goodies (mostly the iPad Mini retina display and iPad Air, which I am seriously considering buying soon) and released software updates for the Mac OS (Maverick) and iOS (7.0.3; both prompting lots backupings, updatings, and even eventually upgradings!) and the U.S. government resumed its business as usual (bickering amongst themselves and spying on people). As usual, you'll find links to over an hundred of the most interesting stories just after the jump:

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