Tuesday, December 03, 2013

The week in review (2013-12-03)

As usual, the last three weeks were rather busy. On the domestic front, first, I was able to write more actively (some entries were retro-blogged from my physical notebook): a rant about an ordering woe with Amazon, reflexions on Memorial Day and Doctor Who's success, a few comics or manga news and discoveries (untranslated shojo from the 70s-80s, Joséphine Impératrice and Showa: A history of Japan), as well as a few book comments (Bibliovores, Les Vacances de Jésus et Bouddha 2, Übel Blatt 1, and Cesare 1).

The weather grew increasingly cold (first getting consistently sub-zero temperature, then down to nearly -15° C) and snowy, giving us a real preview of winter. Now, we are already in december and there's a little snow on the ground. Although it is a little warmer (1° C) so it might not stay long. I got caught by surprise, so I didn't finish all the winter preparation I wanted to do in the garden. Maybe it will get warmer enough later to be able to do it. Who knows.

I went to visit an exposition at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts titled “Splendore a Venezia” and dedicated to art and music from the Renaissance to Baroque in Venice. I gave attention mostly to the art part (looking at the pieces and reading their descriptions). It was really nice but I didn't have enough of a few hours the see everything. So I intend to go back to pay attention this time to the musical part (and take the audio tour). I can go back as many time as I want since my wife and I took a VIP membership this year. I'll probably go back regularly to have a look on the permanent collection that I haven't seen in over fifteen years and also check out the “Comics at the Museum: 15 artists from La Pastèque reinterpret the collection” exposition. We've also visited a bazar at the Japanese-Canadian Cultural Center where I bought a small piece of Japanese-style pottery created by a local artist. Oh, and I also visited the Montreal book fair but there's so many stuff there that it's overwhelming.

Finally, it seems that I must always have a health problem of some sort: last week at work I slipped on a wet floor and hurt my back a little. Then aggravated it a few days later while carrying boxes. The pain has diminished and I can manage my tasks if I wear a lumbar support belt. But the pain is still annoying me. Hopefully it will pass with some more rest.

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