Sunday, March 02, 2014

The month in review (2014-03-02)

February was another harsh, cold month (although we had a brief respite with warmer temperature and rain). It was a rather annoying month. I didn't feel top shape (mostly digestion problems and abdominal pain). I had many small problems to take care and there was a lot of stuff pissing me off in the news. My cat caught another mouse in the house. I had not enough time to write as much as I wanted. All this put me in a bad mood. Above all I was quite tired (mentally) with my long commute to work (in the last year, I applied nearly thirty times for positions in libraries closer to home, but without any success). In fact, I realized that most of the days I was leaving home around 8:15 am and coming back around 7:45 pm. I am gone nearly twelve hours to work only seven hours! For what? In order to win enough wages to pay for food and mortgage so I can sleep, eat and go to work the next day? What a depressing thought! The good news is that I now have only seven hundred and ninety-four weeks before retirement!

Locally there was more talks about the secular charter, a tax hike, possible provincial elections, and lots of discussion about municipal pension plans (ah! those lazy and overpaid municipal workers!). In the meantime, the world was busy dealing with freaky weather conditions (notably drought in California, lots of snow in the east coast and too much rain in England), the Sochi Olympics, unrest in Ukraine and possible military intervention by the Russians.

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