Sunday, August 30, 2015

MWFF 2015 Day 2

Today was a perfect day. Much better than yesterday.

Just before leaving this afternoon I have put online my first comment, for the movie At Home.

I wish I could write more extensive comments but unfortunately I am a little too busy. Seeing movie after movie doesn't leave enough time to do in-depth analysis. And when you sit at night, after having viewed three movies, it difficult to write in details about each of them. That's why I try to put down on paper my first impression as soon as I leave the theatre. It's easy to do when there's a couple of hours in-between movies, but more difficult when you have to rush from one place to another with just minutes before the beginning of the next show (harder still when there's a Q&A after a screening).

Anyway, my purpose with this blog has always been to simply introduce a work (be it a manga, a book or a movie) with just enough information (and links) to interest the readers and incite them to look further.

Yesterday, I saw At Home and Ninja Hunter.

Today, I've seen Kagura-me, Akai Tama and Blowing in the wind of Vietnam. All ranging from good to excellent. I'll try to write and post my comments on those movies as soon as possible.

In the meantime, you can check my entry “Montreal World Film Festival 2015” for all the details on this year's Japanese movies.

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