Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Ikea website offer bad service

One week ago a placed an order online on Ikea's website. Unlike most online store where your purchase and payment are automatically confirmed, at Ikea someone has to call you back to confirm the details of your order. So far, after a week, nobody has called. My advice: if you want to buy something at Ikea, either go to the store (that's if you have a car, or a friend willing to help you) or order by phone. It is much quicker!

UPDATE (9/11): well, after more than a week without news I deciced to call to reissue my order, via phone this time. When they told me that it would cost me $80 shipping for a $140 bookshelf, I told them to cancel my order. I'll find someone to drive me there instead later this week. Such a poor online ordering system (no confirmation of shipping cost, having to be phoned back, long delays, etc.) is really outragous.

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