Saturday, August 20, 2005

Relaxing a bit

Sorry for not having post much lately. I've spent most of July and August working hard on the layout of PA#85. Now I am done and I can relax a bit -- but not too much because there still lots of updates to do on the web pages, back issues to convert into eBooks, preparing the shipping and finally starting the plannification and layout for the next issue -- watching some anime series or movies to review, cleaning up and doing a zillion things around the house.

Unfortunately, starting a series a bad luck that struck me in the last few days, the PA#85 will be delayed a little. Apparently, the printer press broke down and they had to wait for replacing parts. Then the printer had a big printing job to do before us and we were pushed back. Hopefully, we'll start shipping by the middle of next week.

BTW, I forgot to post that link before, but here are the pictures from Anime Boston '05.

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