Thursday, September 08, 2011

Revue de Presse / Press Review (2011/09/08)

After nearly three years working in several libraries I was happy to finally get a more stable schedule, all in a single library. It seems it will not last as, in January, I will probably be back (if I'm lucky) at working in several libraries, with a schedule varying from week to week. You realize that a society is really broken when the people in power start closing down libraries -- even if it's only a partial closing. I don't understand: while some boroughs are spending millions to build news libraries and expend their services, one is closing the adult section of its best, oldest and nicest library. And people (or at least the media) don't really care, focusing instead on the lost of a public pool or a few community centers. I know how to solve this city's budget problems: there're nineteen mayors (and a lot more related councillors) too many! While you ponder on that, here are my weekly news links...

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clodjee said...

I said I couldn't understand what they would gain by closing half the library but actually it might not be only about money (they would save only a few salaries, half the managing expenses; that very little): it could be also about politics. If they create a loss of service, they get people to react and then embarass the city-centre. We might be the victim of a political bluff...

In any cases, closing -- even partially -- a library in an underprivileged neighborhood should be a crime against humanity!