Monday, September 05, 2011

Summer Press Review (June-July-August)

I swear I'll never work six days in a week anymore: it's too tiring. The good news is that I will have a more stable schedule for fall, so I should be able to completely recover AND be able to blog regularly. I should also be able to catch up a little more on all the articles and reviews that I started but never put online (including the comments on the latest—and past—Montreal World Film Festival !). Here I am sharing with you the last part of the news links that I saved this summer (either because they were quite interesting or to simply bookmark them for myself). I also just realized that The Gazette, on top of not keeping their articles online very long, are now limiting access to their web page at only thirty articles per month! I understand that the full electronic version should be accessible only with a subscription but, since the web version is already only a selection of articles, they should give a full access to it. That's really ridiculous! I guess I'll start reading something else...

Anime & Manga related, Japan, Popular Culture
Apple & iPad news
Books, Digital Edition & Library
Economy, Environment & International Politics
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Local News & National Politics
Media, Culture, Society & Film Festivals!
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