Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Internet on strike!

Today several big websites went on strike. Don't worry we won't follow their example, but we nevertheless want to bring your attention to the reasons of this protest. More details after the jump:

Today, if you try to access Wikipedia you will get this blacked-out page (click to enlarge):

When governments try to legislate against piracy it is quite difficult to strike a just balance between an effective protection and cencorship. The American Congress and Senate are studying two bills (SOPA & PIPA) designed to fight copyright infringement on the internet. However, many of the companies involved with the internet feel that those bills might leave the door open for abuse in a way that will infringes free expression and hinder the opened nature of the internet. Here's a few links for more detailed information and, if you feel you agree with Wikipedia and the like, please don't hesite to protest:

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