Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Personnal Log (2012-01-10)

I can't beleive it has already been a month since my last “weekly” press review. Obviously, it has been a busy month. In fact, it was the worse Holidays “vacation” since I can remember. First, on my first day off for Christmas I woke up with a really terrible cold. I was quite congestionned and was losing my voice. It stubbornly lasted for the entire Holidays. Then, after working in-between the holidays at the library (the last day of work I had to move many heavy books and boxes), I woke up on my first New Year's week-end day off with a locked back. My back pain remained for a few days. On top of it, right after the New Year's week-end, my mother was hospitalized for respiratory (and possible hearth) problems. I guess such problems are to be expected when you are in your 80s. After a few days (and many tests) in a very crowded emergency she was released from the hospital and everything seems fine now.

I spent the Holidays watching TV (Ken Burns' The Civil War) and a few movies with my wife (The King's Speech, Catch Me If You Can, Les Aventures Extraordinaires d'Adèle Blanc-Sec, The Eagle), but mostly working around the house: I installed a few more bookshelves (mostly to put plants up in the sunlight and out of reach from the cats), made sure the snowblower was ready for snow and finished cleaning up the warehouse / garage. I cleared enough space so I can now actually work in my shipping/workshop area. I categorized boxes in piles “for recycling”, “giving away” or “to sort out later” and I finally sorted out all the back issues of the magazine so I can restart filling orders (I know, I know it took quite a long time). It left not much time for anything else. I didn't blog much (and a glitch made the few funny anecdotes I wrote appear only later), but I read a few books (comments to follow soon, if I can find the time of course) and spent some time on news websites. The resulting “scraplinking” can be found in my “Weekly” Press Review.

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