Monday, January 28, 2013

Press Review (2013-01-28)

First, the domestic log. Indeed the Operating System of the Mac Mini got corrupt somehow and I had to use Time Machine to restore it. However, even Time Machine had a problem and I had to go back to a week-old backup to successfully restore the whole system and then restore more recent files individually. It took a while to do all that (each unsuccessful restore took several hours). It seems that everything stopped working properly since I also had problems with both my microwave oven and the regular oven (I will have to replace one and repair the latter).

We also had a bunch of medical appointments (dentist and GP). My blood-pressure medication was changed (for a stronger one) and the diagnosis of benign paroxysmal positional vertigo was confirmed. The most frustrating aspect of it is that I endured vertigo for over a month and a simple Epley maneuver solved the problem in a few minutes! Last year I was too busy to do any of the medical tests that my GP ordered, so this year I'll make damn sure that I do them all.

I've spent the little spare times that I had left doing some clean up in my office (getting rid of a few more boxes, either putting books on shelves or shredding useless paperwork for recycling. We moved nearly two years ago and I still have plenty of boxes laying around). I also got a cold (luckily, so far, it's not the terrible flu that everyone is talking about. Of course, I suffer from it not at work but during my days off!) and a water pipe broke down the street last night and we were nearly ten hours without water. Despite all that (there's no respite for the restless, so now I am trying to catch up on my blogging) I still found many interesting news stories that I would like to share, so please check the links after the jump:

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