Friday, January 16, 2015

Respect goes both ways

Muslims — or at least the more radical ones — keep saying that, with our freedom of expression, we insult their religion and prophet but they seem to fail to understand that the way they treat women or forbid arts & music, they constantly insult our god — or at least mine — which is made of knowledge, reason and tolerance.

I don't mind them believing what ever they want as long as they don't try to drag me down into their world, under their rules. We already had our dark ages centuries ago and we don't want to revisit them.

Do as you want in your little caliphate, but, please, don't try to impose your limited views on us and don't insult my intelligence!

Live and let live! And, for good's sake, try to have a little more sense of humour and capacity to accept criticism!

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Anonymous said...


I am a little tired of the whole routine “We're a peaceful religion but we'll kill you if you disagree”…

Or, like Bill Maher said, “They are a religion of piece: a little piece of you here, a little piece of you there…”