Friday, November 11, 2011


Today is Remembrance Day (or Veterans Day in the United States). Set on the anniversary of the armistice that ended World War I (November 11th 1918) it celebrates the soldiers who died for their country (more generaly in the U.S.A. it celebrates all veterans).

I used to think that such day was not worth remembering, often feigning to have forgotten what it meant. I had this image in my mind of all those very elderly veterans at a ceremony who couldn't really remember why they were there. I thought that the fact Canadian soldiers were mostly used as cannon fodder for the British Empire was not something that should be celebrated. Then again, the poor lads that gave their lives in those wars were oblivious of any political motivation and, after all, their sacrifice should not be forgotten.

So, there we are: have an happy Rememberance Day!


RamanMaan said...

Belated happy remembrance day. As we remember luminaries, in same way we also have to remember our seniors. It shows your respect towards them.

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shannon said...

In order to remember our luminaries, we also remember our elders or our old loved ones. Elders are our respected and a remembrance day make feel us respect and esteem for them.

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john.rich16 said...

I would just say that without our elders we are nothing so we should give them proper care and love them so much.
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