Monday, February 20, 2012

Life log (2012-02-20)

It was another busy but quiet week. I am settling in well into my new job, but the long commuting is a real drag and I remain quite tired once I come back home which leave me not much time to do anything (like we say in french: it's “metro-boulot-dodo”).

There's little notable events this week. Last monday my wife and I saw a small woodpecker in our front yard's tree. I was able to identify it as a female “downy woodpecker.” I guess it is a sign of an early spring which is not surprising since day-time temperature remained slightly above zero celcius for most of the week (I've heard that the cherry flowers are already blossoming in Washington DC!). So far in Montreal we've had only one real snow storm. Where is my winter?

Yesterday I tried some warm spiced wine like they used to drink in the middle ages (or even in ancient Greece and Rome) and I found it horrible. I guess it is an acquired taste. I spent most of my days off re-installing a functional copy of Windows on my Mac (not much use for it beside getting to know XP better for my work, but it's rather amusing).

I've also started reading Haruki Murakami's Norwegian Wood (after watching the movie I was curious to see how different it was from the novel; I'll probably eventually write a short comment on both), I've watched the Canadian TV series Bomb Girls as well as another Ken Burns documentary titled Horatio's Drive, America's first road trip (which was quite interesting and entertaining). And, of course, I've read news online.

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