Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Personnal Log (2012-02-01)

I had a busy couple of weeks. So much that I had to postpone many of the “to-do” that I had planned (like, among other things, writing or the magazine orders' processing--delayed again!).

I had to deal with a recycling problem (the city doesn't pick it up when the container it not full enough and it doesn't pick it up when it is too full. What am I to do?).

I had to deal with problems at my wife's job (the japanese restaurant where she is working [in appalling conditions I'm sad to say] is moving, but the owner failed so far to provide the end-of-employment papers, the last couple of pays, as well as five-years worth of vacation-pay; the owner also has an history of ignoring labor laws and tolerating a work environment that foster psychological harassment (when she is not screaming and threatening herself), so I went to talk with her but without much success. All I got was promises, again.).

I had to deal with a couple of union-related problems at the job (investigating whether the printer's thermal paper we are manipulating every day contains BPA or not [still unresolved] and dealing with quarrelling withing our already disfunctional union [not much success there either]).

The greatest news is that I was unexpectedly offered a permanent position, which means a full-time schedule (more money and vacation) and employment security (I'll stop worrying about how much hours I'll get for the next season). However, the news left me with mixed feelings: I liked a lot the library and the team I was working with, the change was very sudden (the next day) and made in difficult circumstances (the guy I was taking the job from was told only the previous day), the commuting time is much longer (nearly an hour and half to go there from home) and this new library would not have been my first and best choice of workplace. But I couldn't turn down such an offer and, after working there for a couple of days, I must say I like it (the library and the new team) and I am sure it will all turn out well. In any cases, I have to work there at least a year, but after that I could always look for another permanent job closer to home if I am not totally satisfied there.

Despite all this, I still had a little time to write and to gather a few news links.

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