Monday, February 18, 2013

Press Review (2013-02-18)

A lot happened at home in the last couple of weeks (or so). Here's the highlights: at the end of January a pipe broke within a wall while I wasn't home and it went on for hours! I had to break the wall to see where the leak was. Luckily, it was the hot water so I just had to turn off the water from the heating tank to make it stop. No hot water for a few days and the plumber costed my a week's salary (at a hundred dollars per hour I realize that I should have become a plumber instead of an historian)! The next morning another main pipe broke on the street (this time up street; it was the third city water infrastructure failure within a couple of weeks) and the city had to cut water supply for a few hours. The cats caught another mouse in the house. My eighty-three years-old mother had a major surgery to repair an abdominal aortic aneurism, but all went well and she's recovering fine. Ten days ago we got another big snow storm (but only about ten centimetres this time). My cold is dragging on and tends to get worse on week-ends!

Even the news were eventful: they found the King Richard III under a parking lot, the Pope resigned, Obama delivered the State of the Union address, a meteorite crashed in Russia and much more (including some library humour) after the jump:

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