Friday, July 08, 2016

Japanese movies at Fantasia 2016

This week the programmation for the 20th edition of the Fantasia International Film Festival was announced. Twenty years, that’s worth celebrating! It will be held in Montreal from July 14 to August 3 and screenings will take place mostly at Concordia's Theatre Hall and Salle J.A. de Sève. For more programming details you can check the festival's web page at, this year’s program [PDF] and screening schedule [PDF].

This year the festival offers 60 movies from Asia: 5 from China, 26 from Japan, 20 from Korea, 6 from Hong Kong, 1 from Taiwan, and 2 from Thailand.

As usual, we will concentrate our interest on the Japanese program that includes 4 anime (in total you can also find 33 other animated features — 29 shorts and 8 movies — from various countries). Besides Momotaro, Sacred Sailors, which is probably one of the first anime ever produced in Japan, there’s nothing out of the ordinary among those titles — although we’ve noticed that there’s lots of manga adaptations. Here's a list of all the Japanese titles (with links to full description):



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