Thursday, June 24, 2010

Press Release: J-FEST, Japan right next to your door

Montreal, QC, June 14, 2010 — STUDIO BATSU INC. and YOUKAI WEAR is pleased to announce the 5th edition of J FEST, the 1st traveling event in North America specifically and genuinely dedicated to Japanese Music and development of Japanese Music Business Overseas.

J FEST vol.5: J FEST 1st ANNIVERSARY. Partly a club event and a festival, J FEST takes you instantaneously to the country of the rising sun, with its warm and unusual atmosphere... DJ JOKE will mix Japanese hits all night through. Music Videos of popular and up-coming Japanese artists and Video Messages exclusively recorded for J FEST by popular Japanese artists are played throughout the event.

“Japan is ten years ahead in the show business world. J FEST is an exceptional opportunity to contemplate our lateness.” said Hubert MANSION , lawyer specialized in the music industry, teacher at L’Ecole du show Business and author of  “Tout le monde vous dira NON”

“Oh my god, man! I couldn’t even imagine J FEST was something like that… It’s impressive!!!” said MUSIQUE PLUS, the Canadian equivalent of MTV.
 Watch Musique Plus Video at J FEST, here.

Shiatsu, Japanese nail designs, Japanese Food and also Fashion shows, dance performances and a lot of surprises are also part of the event.

Saturday, July 17th, 2010 from 8:30 pm – 12:00 am

@ ALIZÉ – 900 Ontario East, Montreal , QC, Canada

The goal of J FEST is to gather around J MUSIC, all the people who want to discover a new aspect of Japan , and all the fans of Japanese pop culture. To this cultural goal is added a will to create business opportunities between the North American and Japanese music industries and create a solid bridge between these 2 cultures. 
From the end of 2010, J FEST will take place in New York, Toronto and Vancouver and is prepared to be held in any other city that will make the request to host the event.

J FEST is a +18 event. An approved ID is required.
 The entrance fee is 8$ in advance and 10$ at the door.

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About the Company:
K.JOE, founder of STUDIO BATSU INC., has organized  Japanese Pop culture related events for over 15 years in Europe, Japan and North America. 
He is also specialized in booking tours for Japanese Music Labels or artists in Europe, Japan and North America . 
He speaks fluently French, English and Japanese. 
With his global vision and his background in the Japanese Music industry and Japanese entertainment world, STUDIO BATSU INC. is about to be an unavoidable bridge between North America and Japan.

Media contact:
J. “K.JOE” Tamko:

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