Friday, April 03, 2009

Angry Cat!

I am angry because people don't seem to like black cats. I had three little and cute cats to give: one grey and two black cats. The cute grey cat found a loving person to adopt him right away, but no one wanted the two back cats. So I had to bring them to the Berger Blanc which is not a no-kill shelter and was told quite unequivocally that they would most certainly be euthanized because of over-crowding and the fact they had ear mites (which could be remedied with a medication that cost almost nothing and that I would have given them if I would have known about it). I had to euthanized too many cats in my life already (one for cancer and the other because someone shot him with a BB gun) so being told that made me angry. I do hope that they were given some medication and that they found someone to adopt them.