Sunday, January 25, 2009


Sorry for not blogging lately. I finally got back my physical and mental strength after being repeatedly sick, but my bad luck struck again and I found myself on my back. I have no idea what caused it (shoveling? slipping on icy sidewalks? Bad sitting position?) but I had a terrible back pain that would not go away and I couldn't sit in front of the computer for more than a few minutes at a time (just enough to check emails and news).

The last week was particularly painful since I was working fulltime in a library, replacing someone on sick leave. Fortunately, I had to stand most of the day, so i was less bothered by the pain. I guess the exercice did me good (as well as a regular intake of pain-killer -- I felt like Dr House!) and I am now feeling a little better.

We found a loving home for our little refugee kitten Mitsy (he's so cute I had no doubt that someone would adopt him). I was hoping to place sweetpea in a pet shop, but it didn't work out. Therefore we are still looking for caring people to adopt our two refugee black cats.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Cute cats for adoption

The backstreet behind my appartment is always abounding with stray cats. This winter, when the temperature started to dip beyond minus fifteen, I decided to rescue the most vulnerable of them. So I took inside a young mother (“Betsy”, one year-old, shorthaired black) and her two kittens (both males, 3 month-old, one (Sweetpea) shorthaired black with a little white on the belly and one (Mitsy) longhaired grey tabby/main coon) with the intent of finding them a new home. I cannot keep them for long since I already have two cats (also rescued from the backstreet) which is plenty for my appartment.

Therefore, I am looking for either:
  1. a Montreal-area no-kill shelter that would accept to take in all the cats or at least help me find the right place or person(s) to adopt them
  2. a pet shop that would accept to take them all, making sure that they are vaccinated and neutered before selling them
  3. individual(s) that would want to adopt one (or more) of the cats and give those little fur-balls of joy the affection they deserve (I would request that the adopter agrees to have the cat(s) checked up, vaccinated and neutered--an expense of about $100-$150 per cat)
If anyone can suggest shelters, pet shops or talk to their co-workers and friends to see if they are interested in adopting the cats, I would be grateful. Thanx!

(text available in french upon request)

Sweetpea, Betsy and Mitsy


More pictures (and maybe a movie) to come