Monday, September 14, 2009

Defying Common Sense

I really cannot believe that ABC is cancelling “Defying Gravity.” It's really getting difficult to have good sci-fi on TV these days.

This was an excellent series (without being a masterpiece) and I enjoy it a lot. Luckily I am Canadian and for once (since it is produced by CTV and not ABC) I'll be able to continue watching a show after a network cancels it!

I was not impressed by the first episode and was a little reluctant because of all the “Grey Anatomy in space” comments, but I continued watching as it got better and better.

It has an intriguing mystery and it seems relatively well written and fairly well played. There are some length in the storytelling but I like the flashbacks and I think that all good sci-fi should not be all action & sfx, but should include some relatively believable human relationships.

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