Monday, April 15, 2013

Press Review (2013-04-15)

April already. Still tired and a little depressed for no real reasons other than probably the end of winter blah. Still got mice problem: the cats got a tiny one on the first floor (they're spreading and reproducing! But it seems that cats are the best countermeasure). Winter came back for a last hurrah and we got snow again last friday. They were forecasting fifteen centimetres but we probably got no more than five on the ground. Very wet snow. And it melted completely within two days. And I have a damn cold again.

Besides the deaths of Roger Ebert and Margaret Thatcher, or the sabre rattling of North Korea (trying to bully the West into getting more aid again; when you comply to taxing you just show that you're weak; they should give them a good lesson for once and for all), it was a very quiet couple of weeks in the news. Have a look on the links after the jump:

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