Sunday, September 07, 2014

August in review

On the domestic front, August was an exhausting month. I covered the first part of the month in my previous entry (July in review). The second part was mostly dedicated to the Montreal World Film Festival. In the middle, I took a long week-end in order to recover as best as I could. I was so tired that, as usual, I didn't do as much as I wanted. Disappointingly, I didn't write any book or movie comments, but I wrote the overdue review of the month, went to the clinic to get reassured about my knee, updated the blog with the festival's scheduling and movies information, but mostly rested. The situation at work had probably something to do with my exhaustion and the coming weeks (where I would be attending the festival) would certainly not help.

The festival showed about a dozen Japanese movies and I succeeded to watch them all (and more! A general overview of the festival will come soon). In the beginning, I had a surge of energy and [finally!] wrote several movies comments (first the latest Lelouche: Salaud, on t'aime, One Third, Tokyo - The city of glass, the British short The stomach, Blossom Bloom, Our family, and more to come soon) and even got a few specific responsibilities at work that made me feel worthy. Unfortunately, at the end of each week I was terribly exhausted (the running around at work wasn't helped at all by the fact that my knee was still bothering me, I had developed swollen piles and I was moonlighting at the film fest). On top of it, my sister finally found someone to come pick up all the boxes in the garage (unwanted left-overs of the moving [three years ago!]: two boxes of glass ware, ten of clothing and twenty of books) so I had to prepare them for the pickup in a hurry (repackaging, making sure I was not giving away interesting books, etc.). Now that I had freed some space, I couldn't resist to clean up and reorganize everything in the garage (after all it's the indispensable washing room, workshop and storage room). All this was, you guess it, quite exhausting. The only way to recover was to take three-day week-ends (some planned, some unscheduled — that's why we have sick days, isn't it?).

On the world stage, the press was mostly preoccupied with the situation in Ukraine and the horrible crimes of the Islamic State in Irak. Of course, exhaustion and being so busy can't keep me from reading interesting news stories (on technology, sciences, popular culture, local interests, etc.) and wanting to share their links with you…

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