Thursday, July 09, 2015

Japanese movies at Fantasia 2015

This week the programmation for the 19th edition of the Fantasia International Film Festival was announced. It will be held in Montreal from July 14 to August 4 and screenings will take place mostly at Concordia's Theatre Hall and Salle J.A. de Sève. This year the festival is offering a lineup of about 400 movies from 36 countries, including about 135 feature-length movies and 104 premieres! For more programming details you can check the festival's web page at and the screening schedule [ PDF ].

Here our main interest is the Japanese programming (25 features and one short) but there are twenty-seven movies from at least five other asian countries (four from China, thirteen from South Korea, six from Hong Kong, one from Indonesia, two from Taiwan and one from Thailand). The programming includes also over an hundred animated features and shorts from many countries. As usual, it's a rich, strong and diversified selection bound to please anyone.

This year, it's a slim pick anime-wise but to compensate the festival will open with the Japanese animated feature Miss Hokusai, which will be introduced by director Keiichi Hara and screenplay writer Miho Maruho. To the utter pleasure of the fans, the festival will also close with the canadian premiere of the greatly anticipated live-action Attack on Titan directed by Shinji Higuchi and based on the popular manga by Hajime Isamaya. The other anime and manga-related movies of interest are the Lupin the Third live-action, the latest Mamoru Oshii (Nowhere Girl) and the latest Takeshi Kitano (Ryuzo and the Seven Henchmen).

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Here's a list of all the Japanese titles (with links to full description):




And here's a few trailers of interest:

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