Monday, December 25, 2006

The Fog of Life

In the last few months or years,
I feel I've lived in a constant fog.
To my body it feels like mud.
It's like I can't move forward easily,
As if every muscle is sleeping.

And my mind is all foggy,
I can't see and think clearly.
I feel things are slipping away
From the grasp of my will.

I guess I should resolve myself
To exercice a little more
And maybe it will wake
My body from its torpor.

I should also make the effort
To keep my mind active,
Writting about everything.
That's why I've revived this blog
And I'll try to talk about all—
Could it really be called reviews?—
All the movies, books and news
That I've seen, read and digested
Even if they aren't work-related.

But I fear I won't have the energy
To completely brake away from the chains
Constraining my wings from spreading
And keeping me from feeling alive!

(ok, next time I'll try to have it rhyme)

1 comment:

The Leading Wedge said...

I know where you are. I am stumbling around in that fog myself sometimes. Read Montaigne and stay busy :-).