Friday, December 15, 2006

Music From Japan

I am sure that many anime & manga fans are like me and enjoy listening to Japanese music. It is not always easy to find J-pop DVDs and one cannot download music from iTunes Japan if one doesn't have a credit card registered with a Japanese address. At least, until now!

I learned today, while reading TUAW (The Unofficial Apple Weblog), that you can shop at iTunes Japan from America (or anywhere else) when you purchase iTunes Japan Music Cards!

iTunes Japan Music CardThe funny things is that those cards are available from Jbox (the sister website to Jlist, an online store created by Peter Payne and selling anime, manga & everything Japanese that might interest a fan). The cards are available in ¥1500 ($18 US) and ¥3000 ($35 US) format and Jbox clearly explains how to use them.

The cards are also available from (but that website is in Japanese)...

Have fun!

UPDATE [12/30/06]: Someone on the Anime News Network's forums has pointed out that this item cannot be ordered on from overseas. I have indeed verified that some commodities produced for the Japanese market (Software, Game, Electronics, Home & kitchen, Toy & hobby, Sport, Health & beauty, and certain type of Dvds/videos) are subject to geographical restrictions and cannot deliver them overseas. The iTunes Japan Music Cards are apparently considered as Electronics. Sorry, I didn't know that. It leaves only Jbox as source (although someone also pointed out that the cards were available in some convenience stores).

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