Monday, October 12, 2009


To all my Canadian and Québécois readers (if any) I wish a happy Thanksgiving! Don't eat too much turkey (and please don't forget to exercice a little -- for my part today I did some clean up and removed the air conditioners from the windows). It is a time to reflect on all the good things that life is offering us. We live in a peaceful country (okay, some of our soldiers are currently deployed in a war zone, but it's _mostly_ for “restoring” peace), a place where there's little natural disasters (like hurricane, earthquake, brush fires and such) and we haven't been too affected by the recent economic crunch. It's really the most beautiful and enjoyable country in the world (although we dropped to the fourth place in the UN quality of life ranking -- Japan, with whom Canada battled a couple of times for the first place, has dropped to the tenth position).

Personnally, I am thankful for my loving familly, my beautiful wife, my two cute (and often dumb) cats, for having a job (or two), interesting hobbies (although the line between a hobby and a job is (un)fortunately often blurred) and almost everything I could ask for. We are really blessed.

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