Friday, December 25, 2009

Waning Christmas spirit

As the years pass, I realize that the spirit of Christmas is vanishing more and more, to the point that I can now barely feel it. Christmas is now nothing more than a day of rest, often partly spent in company of family, and filled reminiscing about the olden days, the bygone time of our youth. This is but one of the outrage inflicted upon us by age. We must accept our circumstances without complain as it is useless to protest against what's beyond our command. Snow gently covers the city, christmas trees brighten up the night with their sparkling ornaments, gifts are given, best wishes exchanged, feast consumed, but the spirit is no more, spent and lamented. Only remain the sadness of knowing that we were once awed by the greatness and depth of this particular moment of the wintery season, where we unexplainably felt something greater than all of us.

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