Thursday, May 27, 2010


A friend is someone with whom you share a mutual affection. Someone you trust. Someone you can count on when in trouble, even in the middle of the night. Someone you can confide to without fear. Someone that will not betray you in any ways. Someone that will never hurt you even out of rage. Someone that will not lie to you. Someone that will never take advantage of you.

A friend is NOT someone you barely know or even heard of. A “Facebook friend” is no friend.

We don't have friends anymore like people used to do in the olden days. We either give our “friendship” too easily or we denude it of its meaning. Unfortunately, with time, some word gets vague and lose their meaning. We often mistakenly use “friend” for “acquaintance”.

A real friend is something rare and precious that you might not encounter often, if ever, in your life. And if you do, it will never last. People grow apart. And you are always betrayed in the end...

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