Saturday, August 31, 2013

The last couple of weeks in review (2013-08-31)

The last three weeks have been quite busy. First, I applied to two new jobs without success. Then my twelve year-old cat took suddenly ill and stopped eating. After a week he was only the shadow of himself and finally left us. He was my best cat ever. It made me very sad.

Then the Montreal World Film Festival started. I had previously put myself in the mood by writing about two movies screened last year that I hadn't commented on yet (The floating castle, The little girl in me and the short B&W Foxes and the Cave of Light). So far I've managed to see almost all the japanese movies (I still have one tomorrow), but could put only three of them online (Botchan, The Flower of Shanidar, and The devil's path, plus the Australian short Tau Seru -- I'll do my best to finish the others and post them as soon as possible). The first movies I've screened didn't impress me at all, but they got better and better each day. Up to now my favourite is Mourning Recipe. I've strayed a little from my japanese targets and screened an italian movie for a change: L'amore è Imperfetto (I might comment on it eventually if I have time). Don't worry, I'll also soon resume commenting on manga... (I am currently reading several of them)

I managed to keep an eye on the news. Lately, it's all about the chemical attack in Syria and how the world should (or shouldn't) respond. There was still a few interesting stories that were worth bookmarking and I'll share them with you after the jump:

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