Monday, October 07, 2013

The week in review (2013-10-07)

Domestic log -- I am not sure why but, in the last couple of weeks, I felt extremely tired. It has been quite busy at work, so maybe that's the reason [or maybe it's just the damn bunch of rowdy kids and the long transit hours]. Each time I bring myself to the brink of exhaustion, I always worry that I will get the flu or something (and often I do). Because of this (being busy and tired), I have not written much (just one manga comment about The Old Testament). Although my recent blog entries have tended to be much longer (like the one on Gen of Hiroshima's manga or the tech review on Sony's QX10 Camera). I also kept myself busy by toying with the new camera. One weird event is also worth mentioning: a dead crow got stuck in the tree just in front of our house. Was it a bad omen? It was quite high in the tree so it was a little difficult to take it down. It was surprisingly light.

Press review -- Not much in the news lately, beside the U.S. government shutdown, which now enters in its second week. I just don't understand how the american people can let a radical minority in the Republican party take their government hostage like that. They hope to hurt Obama and force him to repeal Obamacare, but it should backfire on them. Obamacare was passed by both Congress and the Senate, then Obama was reelected for a second mandate on it and it was even confirmed by the Supreme Court! And yet the Republican are fiercely and unrelentingly trying to kill it (okay it's not perfect but it's much better than nothing; and the Republican are the one who made it such a mess in the first place!). How can they disregard the will of the people so undemocratically? And how could some americans still blame Obama for the shutdown?

Anyway, you'll find links to the news stories that I considered the most interesting, right after the jump:

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