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Unshelved 10: Bibliovores

bib•li•o•vore | 'biblēǝ,vôr | noun : a person whose primary form of nourishment is books.

The tenth Unshelved collections, Bibliovores, “begins where Too Much Information left off, with the birth of Dewey's adorable daughter, Trillian. It also features: The on-the-job education of Mallville Public Library's newest employee, Dyna the clerk; Dewey explaining plagiarism to an unrepentant Merv; The mystery patron who won't leave the bathroom; Dewey's NDA review copy of a hot new YA novel by his favorite author; Library Day Camp; Staff self-assessments; and much more!”

“In addition to daily comic strips [published on the website between December 5th 2011 and March 28th 2013], Bibliovores features Dewey's Secret Origin, Conference Tips, and the 12 page classic comic epic What Would Dewey Do @ BEA? It's the same compact size as Too Much Information and Large Print, but this time around [there's] six months worth of color strips.” [Text from the publisher's website]

As I have previously announced, Overdue Media released in June a tenth Unshelved compilation titled Bibliovores. Unshelved is a web comic that tells the daily misadventures of Dewey and his co-workers at an American dysfunctional library. It's a kind of sitcom in a comics format where's the backdrop is set in a library instead of someone's apartment. The various awkward or absurd situations are generally hilarious (even if you don't work in a library or don't know much about its world, although I admit it helps).

I already introduced the webcomics in 2008, then commented on Reader's Advisory in february 2010, on Large Print in september 2010 and talked about the release of Too Much Information in january 2012, so there's not much more I can say about this new book. It's equal to the others, not always funny but worth reading (particularly for me since I very often recognized situations I've found myself in). Unfortunately, the book doesn't feature the “Unshelved Book Club” pages, but this volume still has forty pages in color. Even if you can read this comics online, I generally order the book from Amazon just to encourage the creators.

My top ten favourites (plus one bonus):

Unshelved Vol. 10: Bibliovores, by Gene Ambaum and Bill Barnes. Seattle, Overdue Media, 2013. 21.8 x 17 cm, 120 pgs., $11.95 US / $12.95 CDN. ISBN-13: 978-1-937914-04-2.

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Bibliovores © 2013 Overdue Media LLC. All rights reserved.

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