Sunday, January 14, 2007

Damn Rogers!

I've been tired of my cellphone (a Nokia 3300) for a while. I have it now for over two years, which is a lot for that kind of technology. I can dream of the Apple iPhone, but I can't wait until this summer (it might take even longer for it to arrive in Canada). Anyway, I don't have much money so I've been eying at the Motorola V360 instead. The Pay-As-You-Go version is sold at only $130 Cdn -- even less if you order it directly from Rogers' web site. Which I did. It was a grave mistake.

I received the phone after three days, but it was defective. It didn't ring at all. After spending over two hours trying to get through the customer service automatic phone system, speaking with someone with such a thick accent that I barely could understand what she was saying (not from India, but New Brunswick!), being bounced back and forth to different departments, being on hold, being hang up by mistake, getting the message “our customer service is now closed, please call back during business hours” at 1 pm (it was friday...), I was finally told that I could exchange the phone -- but not in a store, instead I had to send it back by UPS!! I was also told that my credit card would be credited only after a minimum of twenty-one days, and that I had to make an entirely new order to get a replacement!!!!!

I don't think so.

If I decide to stick with Rogers (IF), I will certainly not order again from their web page. And I urge you to never try it.

I can't believe that a company could have a customer service that sucks so much. And it is not the first time that I encountered such bad service. Bell is as bad if not worse. It is as if they try on purpose to make it the worse experience possible for you, like to discourage you to deal with them. Aren't they worried to lose customers? I just can't understand this business culture.

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