Thursday, March 18, 2010

Funny anecdotes (2)

Each winter The Gazette publishes an ad where they thank customers for keeping their stairs clear of snow and ice to insure the safety of their delivery boys. This make me laugh every time since the delivery “boy” never comes closer than fifty feet from my door's steps! He simply stops his car in the middle of the street and, from there, throw the newspaper at my door (usually hitting it with a loud BANG). It's annoying because I paid a lot of money to make my mail slot bigger, but he never used it. Sometimes, the newspaper rebound close to the sidewalk (where any passerby could grab it) or even off the porch into the snow, slush or rain puddle. And that's when the cover-page doesn't get scratched or ripped because of the shock or sliding. This morning the unavoidable happened: he finally hit the front-door window, breaking it. Fortunately, the delivery company has agreed to pay for the window replacement (nearly $250!), but (now that the iPad is almost here and there's so many newspapers with online edition) I am wondering if subscribing to a newspaper is worth the trouble (or the risk)!

The other day, in the subway, I saw an advert for the Canadian Society of Immigrant Consultants. Considering that, in the past, immigants had to go through a long and difficult journey across the atlantic to reach our shores, this advert inevitably conjured up in my mind the image of a poor immigrant leaning over board to throw up into the sea... It really doesn't help that this organisation's acronym, CSIC, can be pronounced “sea-sick”! Anyhow, this advert doesn't give any feeling of confidence into this society...

Another mail snafu just happened to me. I mailed a package to Abu Dhabi (in the United Arab Emirates) and it ended up in Kentuky, USA. I really don't understand what's going through the mind of those postal workers...

One more thing: People were calling the iPad the “miracle tablet” (“Last time there was this much excitement about a tablet, it had some commandments written on it”) or the “Jesus Slate” because the expectations of the, then rumored, iPad were so high (some thought it could even walk on water) they were sure it would resurrect Apple's business again (they wanted us to pick the apple from the tree of knowledge). Well, coincidentally (or is it?), the iPad will be released on Easter week-end!

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