Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Press Review (2013-03-26)

Not much happened in the last couple of weeks: A few activities on the union side (inflating even more my disillusions about democracy), a little job hunting (I'm looking to move to a better position, geographically) and a last hurrah of the winter with a storm that gave us nearly twenty centimetres of snow last week. However, spring is coming out stronger each day.

I just finished reading Hitler, a manga by Shigeru Mizuki, and now I am reading Mari Yamazaki's Thermae Romae (an hilarious manga that was adapted into both an anime and a live-action movie) as well as Je suis vivant et vous êtes morts [I am alive but you're dead] a novelized biography of Philip K. Dick by French author Emmanuel Carrère. All quite interesting and I'll try to comment on them as soon as possible (considering how busy I am, it'll probably take months).

On TV, I just finished watching the (Brit, of course) series Mr Selfridge and Ripper Street. I am currently following (or catching up on) Ben Hur (the 2010 movie for TV remake, ideal viewing choice for the week leading to Easter!), Murdoch Mysteries and Vikings (while still watching the usual Elementary, Hawaiï Five-O, Mentalist, NCIS, Vampire Diaries and Walking Dead -- it's funny to note that those are the only shows with contemporary setting that I watch). Not to forget that Bomb Girls, The Borgia, Continuum, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones and Mad Men will resume imminently. I'm wondering where I find time to sleep.

Not much news-wise either. A new Pope was elected (as if it would change anything) and, for the rest, here's a few links after the jump:

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