Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Press Review (2013-03-12)

Domestic log: We've just started Daylight Saving Time. Spring is obviously coming in a week as we are getting warmer temperature and rain to make the snow melt. I'm not complaining. I feel much better that way, although the view of all those bare trees is still depressing. I can't wait to see some green. Last week was the spring break for local elementary and high schools so the library was hellishly busy. Seeing all those poster-children for vasectomy sure makes you rethink your career plans. I am really desperate to move out of this library for a less dysfunctional one in order to save my sanity! I also heard the shocking news of the death of Toren Smith, a manga translation pioneer that played a key role in importing our favourite books this side of the Pacific. I barely knew him, having met only half a dozen times, mostly in the nineties. However my wife knew him much better than me. We've spent a sad evening remembering him as my wife was telling me a few interesting anecdotes about him.

As for the press review, the last couple of weeks were poor in big news. The winners of the Japanese Academy Awards were announced and the Conclave to elect the new Pope has just begun. You will find links to more news (including my favourite library humour) after the jump:

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