Friday, April 03, 2015

38th Japan Academy Prize winners (2015)

The nominees for the 38th Annual Japan Academy Prizes were announced on January 14th and on February 27th the Japan Academy Prize Associations revealed the winners (hi-lighted in yellow). Here they are (after the jump):

Best Picture of the Year

Best Animation

Best Director

Best Screenplay

Best Actor

Best Actress

Best Supporting Actor

Best Supporting Actress

Best Cinematography : Shibasaki Kozo (Eien no Zero)
Best Lighting Direction : Nariyuki Ueda (Eien no Zero)
Best Composer : Suo Yoshikazu (Maiko wa Lady)
Best Art Direction : Asato Kamijo (Eien no Zero)
Best Sound Recording : Fujimoto Kenichi (Eien no Zero)
Best Film Editing : Ryuji Miyajima (Eien no Zero)
Best Foreign Language Film : Frozen

Newcomers of the year

All Night Nippon Wadai-Sho Prize

Sources: Anime News Network, The Hollywood Reporter, Japan Academy Prize Associations [translated], Psycho-Drama, tumblr, Variety.

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