Sunday, September 06, 2015

MWFF 2015 Day 7

This was my last day at the festival. I've managed to screen most of the Japanese movies I wanted to see. Anyway I couldn't see more even if I wanted because I am too exhausted. Eighteen movies in seven days!

Actually, I've seen almost all Japanese movies, except Out of my hand (after all it's not really a Japanese film) and Shinjuku midnight baby (anyway, I've heard that it was terrible: too long, with too much gay sex; many girls came for the cute actors but were put off by the graphical guy on guy sex scenes). I've seen Master Blaster online (the student short film) and I am planning so see the screener for Hoshiogaoka Wonderland later this week.

Saturday, I've seen Neboke, Alone in Fukujima (well, at least half of it), Popura no aki and Decline of an assassin. Four movies in one day to finish my festival in a dash (I had to pack as many movies as possible since my employer refused to give me the Sunday off). It was quite tiring.

There was the same glitch that I've often seen this year during Neboke: the picture froze and came back without sound, so they had to change the screening copy (although I doubt it was a problem related to the copy; it was probably due to equipment issues). We started the movie with french subtitles and finished it with english subtitles! I also missed nearly half of Alone in Fukujima because of a scheduling conflict and the fact that Neboke finished later because of the glitch and its Q&A session. Also, my wife wanted to see an Italian movie in competition, but it had been rescheduled and she screened a swedish movie instead. Despite all those little annoyances, it was a good day. I am also glad that, despite their threats, there was no disturbances caused by disgruntled employees during the week-end. It's good because that's the moment of week (particularly in the evening) when the festival is the busiest.

Now that the festival is finished (at least for me), I'll have more time to write and put my comments online, as well as edit the Q&A videos (I have already added the video for At Home Q&A both on my comment page and on Vimeo). But, first, I have to rest a little (and catch up on some of the chores at home). In the meantime, you can check my entry “Montreal World Film Festival 2015” for all the details on this year's Japanese movies.

I've noticed another poster in the Quartier Latin's hall announcing a sequel for the movie Belle and Sebastien due for February 2016 (in Quebec). It's titled “L'aventure continue” (The adventure continues). [Google, Youtube, Wikipedia]

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