Friday, November 25, 2011

Weekly Press Review (2011/11/25)

Despite some seemingly (and, I am quite sure, temporary) good news, new and unexpected upheaval is making everyone at work very upset. This continuing situation is utterly depressing, unnerving and rather demotivating. (By Jove, what are they thinking?!) I just hope it will eventually calm down, because some of us cannot take this for long without damages. Luckily we recently had a pay raise... [Update: The rollercoaster ride continues... Up again! Some quite wise decisions averted the crisis and everyone is smilling again!] In other news, I visited the Montreal book fair, I am taking care of my sister's cats for the week and we got the first snow of the season (a couple of inches [5 cm], enough so I had to shovel!). Yesterday was Thanksgiving in the USA: some people are simply thankful to have a job; for my part I am thankful to have found such a nice and affordable house. Happy Thanksgiving! (and, no, this it NOT Turkey's “Independance Day”!) In order to try keeping my spirit up, I am reading some great comics and I am following the news (after the jump):

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