Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Press Review (2012-10-16)

I slowly succeed to catch up on my work around the house and in blogging. The three big news of the last couple of weeks are the rumors (again) of Apple updating its iMac line (possibly announced next week along the smaller iPad, a 13 Inch Retina MacBook Pro an even a possible new Mac Mini -- I hope I'll finally be able to replace my broken iMac), the 4.5-magnitude earthquake that I felt very early last wednesday (it didn't really shake but felt more like one big jolt), and Felix Baumgartner's parachute jump from the edge of space (I watched him live on YouTube as he broke several records and no bones). As usual I've gathered the links to the most interesting news and I am sharing them with you after the jump:

Anime & Manga related, Japan, Popular Culture
Apple, apps and mobile devices news
Books, Digital Edition & Library
Economy, Environment & International/U.S. Politics
Health, home & garden
Local News & National Politics
Media, Culture, & Society
Sciences & History
Technology, Gadgets & Internet
White-collar union stuff (SFMM) & Montreal's libraries

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