Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Press Review (2013-05-07)

The last few weeks were quite eventful: there was a terrorist attack at the Boston marathon, ricin letters were sent to Obama and some members of Congress, a fertilizer plant exploded in Texas, etc. Spring is definitely here since I saw flights of geese going north, but winter doesn't want to be forgotten yet. One day, toward the end of april, we saw all kind of weather altogether: it rained, snowed and we even got hail! The next day, my wife and I were celebrating the 2nd year in our new house. As soon as may started, the summer showed its warm face as temperature raised around 15 and 20 degrees celsius, but trees were still bare. I was longing for some green foliage and flowers. It all came out in the last week. Now we really feel the summer. This week-end, after attending Boréal, we have started to work on the garden, cleaning up and planting tomatoes and other vegetables. With all this, I was quite busy so I didn't gather much news links. Check my slim pick after the jump:

Anime & Manga related, Japan, Popular Culture
Apple, apps and mobile devices news
Books, Digital Edition & Library
Economy, Environment & International/U.S. Politics
Health, home & garden
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Sciences & History
Technology, Gadgets & Internet
Union stuff & Montreal's libraries

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