Monday, November 02, 2009

Today in the news

Well, Montreal's mayor has been re-elected. I would have wished for some change, but I guess it might be better that way. The Gazette was probably right in endorsing him (see last Tuesday editorial). And I agree again with today's editorial: now the change is up to him... Let's hope he's up to the task.

As usual, the government does too little, too late. Now, the level of preparedness to face the influenza A(H1N1) is not what it should be (see all the news links that I posted recently). They could have been ready sooner; we knew this second wave was coming since the beginning of the summer. Of course, there's a fine line between talking too much about it and cause a panic or talking too little and be caught unprepared. I guess they did the best they could: we end up both unprepared and in a state of panic! However they should have ordered the vaccine sooner and everybody should have been vaccinated in September or October at the latest. Considering how long it takes and how difficult it is when you get just a fraction of the needed vaccine at a time, many people might get their vaccine too late. I surely wish I could be vaccinated this week, but according to the government schedule I won't get the shot until early December. I am a government employee and I work every day with the public (worse: with caughing, sneezing and drooling kids!). I think I would deserve to be vaccinated early. But there's hope: it seems that Montreal's H1N1 vaccination schedule might be moved up.

Also in the news today (oops, in French):

- Japon: À Tokyo avec Virginie Coossa
- Monde: Karzaï déclaré vainqueur de la présidentielle afghane
- Technologie: Les ordinateurs personnels évoluent, s'amincissent et s'allègent

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