Monday, November 23, 2009

When it rains it pours

That's what people could say in England, but I was rather alluding to my schedule -- which suddenly got quite busier.

I am already rather busy with the layout of the magazine's thematic issue I am currently working on (which is incredibly late due to the fact that we grossly underestimated the time of production with an extremely bare-minimum staff and that my health forbids me to work crazy hours like before), but in the last few days I was distracted by a complicated administrative inquiry at work (trying to determine which borough is my “home” at work and to decide if I really wanted to apply for an union rep position).

In addition to that I have to test out a new print-on-demand system that we will use along with the digital edition of the magazine. However, I've discovered yesterday that the PayPal buttons of our online store doesn't work anymore, so I have to quickly find out what's the problem and solve it. I suspect that PayPal made some changes in the way they handle codes, so the fix will probably mean to reprogram all the damn buttons one by one (which took me several weeks the last time I updated them). I will have to implement the changes little by little, turning off all the buttons that have not been fixed until they are. This will definitively create more delay on all my current projects...

All this while working full time in various libraries!

However, it doesn't matter how busy I am, I intend to keep the eight-hours-of-sleep rule to try to stay healthy. I already know a co-worker who got the H1N1 and I definitely don't want it (or any other bugs) to happen to me.

Update (22:35): I've contacted PayPal, but there's still no news from them. I was nevertheless able to find which part of our button code was causing problem (it works if I create it with their button tool or if I remove all the “%23” (#) from the code -- thanks to the “find & replace” function!). It is (hopefully) working and people can now order again from our website. Phew! Another crisis averted! I can go back to my (still) busy schedule.

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