Saturday, July 17, 2010

The shape of things to come

On Tuesday the Anime News Network has introduced some changes to the website that are only the first steps into many more improvements to come. Those changes were first announced in a “Letter from the Editor” dated June 24th and then discussed the following day in the ANNCast episode “Totally Boss”.

The night before the changes went online a new “Letter from the Editor” titled “A look at the (near) Future - Interim 1.0” introduced them to the website readers. ANN's Editor-in-chief, Christopher Macdonald, was telling us that a new “casual” feed would be added to the “main feed.” While the main feed would remain dedicated to hard news content, the new interest feed would bring “a daily feed of interesting and entertaining articles related to anime.” This would be accompanied with a slight layout change: an icon would be identifying the topic and type of content of each item of the feed.

This is great news. Here's how the webpage looked on the morning the changes were introduced:

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