Sunday, December 09, 2012

Cool motocycle

While watching BBC's Click tech news show, I came across this really cool motocycle of the future. Actually, it is an electric vehicle which is an hybrid between a car and a motocycle. It reminds me of Kaneda's bike in Akira. The particularity of its design is that, thanks to two gyroscopes, it stands upright and can never fall on its side. Called the C1, it was conceived by Lit Motors, a company located in California, and should be available on the market in 2014 for the hefty price of $25,000. Hopefully, with time, the cost will diminish.

This story has been around for a while but I think it's worth sharing anyway. See for yourself how cool it is after the jump >>

First, two promo videos from Lit Motors:

Plus a report from SmartPlanet:

A CNET interview:

And a CNN Money report:

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